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Our Scents

We've worked hard to develop four lovely scents to infuse into our heart-crafted body products. Our scrubs, lotions, and all over washes come in the following lovely scents named after the legendary places that inspired them!


Vis-a-Vis' signature scent of fresh cut lavender and mint leaves. Combined for its clean, refreshing bouquet as well as its calming, clarifying, and balancing aromatherapy benefits.


Shangri-La opens up with a light creamy breeze flowing through a tropical paradise. Sparkling, fruity, sunny and exotic.


Xanadu embodies the idyllic, citrusy scent of fresh lemon. This cheerful fragrance will leave you smelling bright and beautiful.


Eden is the sinfully delicious scent of warm apples accompanied by a spiced cinnamon undertone. This is one temptation that you won't have to feel guilty about giving in to.